Undocumented worker in Geneva

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Undocumented workers

Given its commitment to defending the most vulnerable workers, the SIT is a key player in Geneva in defending workers without legal status, commonly known as Undocumented workers. Determined to fight against the exploitation of such workers, the SIT has always opted for a strategy aimed at their collective regularisation, as well as the regulation of the economic sectors in which they are employed. The demand is simple : a job = a permit, implying the demand for a State of law for all workers in all economic sectors. As of the year 2000, seeking to build a united and efficient front towards the cantonal and federal authorities, the SIT took part in the foundation of the Collectif de soutien aux Sans-papiers (Collective for the support of undocumented workers), composed of various social, union and political organizations in the canton of Geneva. In the same period, the SIT opened a consultation for undocumented workers, where they can get assistance for everyday life issues linked to their absence of status (access to health, schools and training, social insurances, residence permits, administrative processes, etc.). Moreover, a “procuration” has been elaborated and distributed to the Undocumented workers, thus signifying to the authorities that the holders of this document are defended by the SIT. Union consultations, dealing with work-related issues, are also open to them. The SIT’s collective commitment to this struggle has lead among others to the creation, improvement and finally imposition of a model work contract in domestic economy, and, following a decision made by the Undocumented workers themselves at a General Assembly, to the request for the “exceptional and unique regularisation of domestic workers in irregular situations” by the State Council of Geneva to the federal authorities.

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